Design Studio

Design Studio can access SAP HANA data by using an existing olap connection created using the information design tool or CMC. It can also access SAP HANA outside of SAP BI Platform using ODBC data source. Customers should adopt SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio as their primary tool for creating dashboards and applications, both on the Web and on mobile devices, on top of SAP HANA.


  • Connect to SAP HANA using ODBC data source. (2:13) / video


  • Refresh an SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio document (based on SAP HANA) in a web or mobile client     process flow

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Dashboards can connect to SAP HANA only through a relational universe. Customers using Dashboards on top of SAP HANA should strongly consider building their new dashboards with Design Studio.


  • Connect to SAP HANA using a relational connection (1:53) / video


  • Create an OLAP connection to an SAP HANA view (1:14) / video

4.1 SP4

  • Create an SAP HANA server connection (1:11) / video

  • Save a report to the SAP HANA platform (2:45) / video

  • Connect to a HANA view and create a report (2:44) / video