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07 - Working with Formulas and Applying Formatting in Web Intelligence

  • Create a formula to display a filter selection(1:48)    /video

  • Create a formula to calculate a value(1:22)    /video

  • Create a variable based on a formula(0:59)    /video

  • Add text to a document(0:59)    /video

  • Change the format of text or numbers in a document(0:54)    /video

  • Track changes to data(1:28)    /video

  • Conditionally format data based on defined thresholds(1:37)    /video

  • Add a background to a document(1:22)    /video

  • Add page numbers to a document(0:50)    /video

  • Change the formatting for a table(1:50)    /video

  • Change the formatting for a cell(2:21)    /video

  • Change the formatting for sections(1:59)    /video

  • Change the formatting for a chart (5:04)    /video

  • Modify the default style sheet(2:30)   /video

  • Format charts(2:11)    /video

  •   Freeze header rows or columns(0:56)    /video

  •   Create a custom color palette(1:27)    /video

  •   Change the locale settings for right-to-left document or interface layout (2:25)/video